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RTD and Big Finish

Apparently, the upcoming Special Edition of The Visitation has a feature about the audios, and there are two interesting tidbits from Russell T Davies regarding Big Finish:

  • He wishes he had had Nick Briggs write for the TV series: “Looking back I think, to be honest, I always regret that we never asked Nick Briggs to write a Doctor Who script. He writes cracking Big Finish stories.”
  • He more or less prevented Mal Young from revoking Big Finish’s license when the new series began:

"I swear to god, if Mal Young [Doctor Who Executive Producer at that time] had found out about Big Finish, he would have canceled them. He would have axed their license.” Describing a meeting with BBC Worldwide when the topic of Big Finish and their license was broached, Davies said, “I remember leaning across the desk and went, ‘That’s fine. Mal, I’ll take charge of that. You don’t have to worry about it. It’s fine, let’s move on.’ I literally stopped it being discussed.”

[source - Blogtor Who]

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